Coalition News and Events hourly 1 1970-01-01T00:00+00:00 October Meeting Agenda <p class="plain">The <a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain">October 17th meeting agenda is posted here in the Meeting Notes Library.</a></p> payetteforestcoalition 2019-10-07T06:41:54-07:00 October Meeting Agenda Little Weiser Field Trip Itinerary <p class="plain">Here is the <a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain">October 16th Little Weiser Field Trip Itinerary and Map</a>.</p> payetteforestcoalition 2019-10-02T16:14:07-07:00 Little Weiser Field Trip Itinerary Little Weiser Insect and Disease Field trip <div class="plain">Charlie Munden is organizing a field trip to view insect and disease damage in mid-October.  Please follow the link below and tell us which dates are doable for you.  The trip will leave the Council Ranger Station at 9:00 am and return by 3:00 pm.  <br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">The poll will close Thursday, September 26 at 4:00 pm.  <br></div><div class="plain"><br> <p class="plain"><a link="" target="_blank" href=""></a> </p> </div> Paul_Litow 2019-09-20T14:50:54-07:00 Little Weiser Insect and Disease Field trip Little Red Goose Scoping documents <p class="plain"></p><div class="plain">Here is the link to the documents for the Little Red Goose Forest Resilience Project that Erin discussed yesterday.  These will be the reference for whether the PFC submits a letter of support which the Coalition will decide at its October 17 meeting.  <br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><a link="" target="_blank" href=""></a> </div><table width="100%" align="center" cellspacing="0" class="plain" cellpadding="0"><tbody><tr> <td valign="top" style="" class="plain"><br></td> </tr> <tr> <td class="plain"> <br></td></tr></tbody></table><p class="plain"></p> Paul_Litow 2019-09-20T08:35:13-07:00 Little Red Goose Scoping documents PFC September Meeting <p class="plain">The September 19th PFC meeting agenda is available in the <a rel="" link="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain">Library for Meeting Notes and Agendas.</a></p> payetteforestcoalition 2019-09-16T19:25:02-07:00 PFC September Meeting LAC August Meeting <p class="plain"></p><div style="" class="plain">The Land Allocation Committee will meet Wednesday, August 21st from 7 pm -9 pm at the Payette Forest Supervisors Office.</div><p class="plain"></p> payetteforestcoalition 2019-08-20T12:23:33-07:00 LAC August Meeting Monitoring training opportunity <div class="plain">All,</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">More details will be in the notes but in the interest if time I thought I'd share this with you.  It comes from the discussion at today's meeting about working with the Boise Forest Coalition and citizen science (monitoring), something that the PFC has struggled with over the years.  Please check out the blurb below and vote if you are interested in participating.  <br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"> <p class="plain">We are also planning our fall Boise Forest Coalition Field Day. As a reminder, this field day is an opportunity for members and other interested stakeholders to join our Citizen Science Monitoring Team in setting up photo monitoring plots, as well as learn about other types of monitoring for wildlife, water quality, and conditions of unauthorized routes. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the Doodle Poll below with your availability by Monday, August 19th: <a link="" target="_blank" href=""></a></p> <p class="plain"> </p> <p class="plain">If you have any questions about the Field Day, please reach out to Elizabeth at <a link="" target="_blank" href=""></a> or Randy Fox at <a link="" target="_blank" href=""></a></p> </div> Paul_Litow 2019-08-15T18:25:33-07:00 Monitoring training opportunity Leadership Changes on the Payette NF <p class="plain"><a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain">Announcement of Leadership Changes...</a></p> payetteforestcoalition 2019-08-01T16:12:00-07:00 Leadership Changes on the Payette NF Granite Meadows field trip agenda <div class="plain">Here is the agenda for tomorrow's field trip.  Presentation will be at Forest Supervisor's Office following the regular PFC meeting.  There will be no trip to the field.<br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain">Recreation Presentation</div><div class="plain"> <p align="center" class="plain">July 18. 2019</p> <p align="center" class="plain"> </p> <p align="center" class="plain">Agenda</p> <p class="plain">4:00 PM           Sandra Mitchell, Responsible Shared Use </p> <p class="plain">                         Mike Schlegel-Wildlife Biologist</p> <blockquote><blockquote><p class="plain">David Claycomb-Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation</p></blockquote></blockquote> <blockquote><blockquote><p class="plain">Mark Wood-Winter motorized Recreation</p></blockquote></blockquote> <blockquote><blockquote><p class="plain">Steve Lacey-Summer motorized recreation</p></blockquote></blockquote>   </div> Paul_Litow 2019-07-17T10:03:28-07:00 Granite Meadows field trip agenda PFC July Meeting <p class="plain">The July 18th meeting agenda is available in the <a rel="" link="" target="_blank" href="" class="plain">Library for Meeting Notes and Agendas.</a></p><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Please note the references included on the agenda and the Topic Information Sheet for important background on the agenda topics.</div> payetteforestcoalition 2019-07-08T20:41:46-07:00 PFC July Meeting